HelpShare was created in order to help refugees get what they need as they arrive to safety. It is set up as a marketplace where everything is free and posted by locals who would like to help support incoming refugees. HelpShare makes it easy to filter items by category, keyword and location so needed items can be found nearby.

HelpShare is also in the process of collaborating with aid organizations who are taking in donations to help manage inventory and show what items they have available so that newcomers can easily find the items they need, nearby.

Currently, the site operates Canada wide with plans to expand to other countries and be available in other languages in the near future. 

An independently funded project HelpShare is completely pro-bono for the purpose of helping newcomers get settled. It is a movement of openness and sharing as millions or people all over the world are displaced from their homes due to war, politics or the climate crisis. It is a beacon of hope that those who are lucky to have safety and possessions would be kind enough to share with those who were less fortunate.

The website is constantly being updated and new features added. We are seeking the community's support in making this a helpful and effective tool to connect local people and organizations with newcomers who need support. 

Would you like to help?
1. Spread the word, share this with your community

2. Post 1 item. It is so simple, we all have a bunch of things we haven't used in years just laying around, extra items, clothing we no longer wear, furniture in storage that has not seen the light of day in years, toys and clothes our kids grew out of...if every household in Canada posts just 1 thing we will have millions of free items available for those who need it

3. Share feedback - the website is being built and constantly upgraded so your feedback is invaluable in making this a resource that can help thousands of people. 

4. Partner - community organizations, non-profits and companies who would like to partner with us could help multiply the impact and help shape this tool for good.

5. Funding - Help maintain and improve the site as well as increase exposure

6. Get involved - if you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch.

Please get in touch to help with any of the above


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